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What is a 'Click'?

Click is counted when visitor clicks on one of your Smol links. For example, link shared on your twitter account and 20 people clicked on the link and visited page, it's counted like 20 clicks. If the same person clicked 20 (or even more) times on the same link it will be counted like 1 click.

Is it possible to use Smol without any coding skills?

Yes. Smol is a plug-and-play solution that anyone can use to share content and engage with followers. You can get started quickly and our team is here to help in case you need us.

Is it possible to use my own photo or logo or avatar on call-to-action?

Of course! You can fully customize colors, texts and images on your call-to-action.

What types of call-to-action can I offer to people who clicked on my links?

You can offer content recommendation, digital product downloads, drive traffic to your own blog or website, or add any other type of CTA on shared content.

Can I use Hootsuite/Buffer?

Yes, Smol integrated with those platforms.

Do Smols work on mobile?

Yes, it's optimized for any kind of browsers and devices.

What happens after the click limit?

Your links will still work, but your call-to-action won't show up until next billing cycle, you will receive appropriate notification on email.

Does Smol have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. Email us on to enroll and start earning today!