How it works

Add your custom Call-to-Action or content recommendation to any link

Smol adds special call-to-action to any page, allowing you to engage with followers through every link you share. It can be custom call-to-action, content recommendation or lead collection form

Share unique link with your audience to increase engagement

Smol will generate a unique link that you can share on Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Buffer or any website. Anyone who clicks on your unique link will be able to read the content you shared but more importantly, they will see the Call-to-Action you’ve included. The Call-to-Action can be utilized to obtain email addresses, drive traffic to your site or be setup as a leads generations tool

Grow your web traffic, followers and leads with Smol

Smol analytics will track your clicks, new subscribers, visitors and conversions to let you measure the progress of every link you shared

Share links and drive conversions

Smol generates unique links for you to share. Anyone clicking on your links will see the content along with your call-to-action inside.

For example, if you click on, you'll see our blue box and orange button in the bottom left corner of the article. Try Demo!

"Smol has been a great tool for us as a Facebook ads agency, it helps our client to grow email list and fans in an amazing way. Truly a growth hacking tool"

Gerald Ming, Founder of Dojolab